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Over the last ten days, the world has learned the truth about rampant race fixing through the drugging of greyhounds with cocaine. The Associated Press/New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC World News Tonight, Great Britain’s Daily Mail, and Canada’s CBC are among the many outlets covering this outrageous abuse of dogs. The Animal Rescue Site and the Humane Society of the United States also blogged about it. Please watch the latest update from Florida’s First Coast News and then sign our petition to Governor Rick Scott now.​



Cocaine in greyhounds update


According to records obtained by GREY2K USA, the Florida kennel worker involved, Charles F. McClellan has a long history of humane violations and drug violations. In 2013, he failed to report the death of a greyhound as required by statute. In 2012, when one of his dogs tested positive for oxymorphone, his license was revoked and he was assessed a fine of $5,000. But later, when he claimed the drugging was “inadvertent.” the state reinstated his license and reduced the fine to $1,000! More news is about to break on this situation, so please follow the story this week on our Facebook page and on our website.​

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For now, help us demand justice for all the dogs who have been doped up with cocaine and other drugs. Sign and share our petition today!

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