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Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have formed across the world to find homes for dogs discarded by the racing industry.  As part of our continuing series, today we would like to spotlight the work of ProGreyhound.


Dear Friends,


Located in Germany, ProGreyhound is a non-profit rescue organization which saves the lives of abandoned, sick and injured greyhounds from the streets of Ireland. Many of these poor hounds are in deplorable condition! If it were not for Barbara Adomait and her team, they would simply die, forgotten and alone.


Yesterday, I received an urgent plea from Barbara:



Since we began with our work for the greyhounds in 2013, we have rescued over 50 greyhounds. But last May, my husband died suddenly. We managed ProGreyhound together, and without him, I couldn't pay the shelter rent and our wonderful place was lost.

Yet our group will not give up rescuing Irish greyhounds because they need every little help they can get from us all. Now we try to do our work with foster homes and keeping greyhounds in dog hotels. Sadly, the dog hotels cost up to 15€ per dog, per day. This is so much and we don´t know how to cover the costs for much longer. We need to find a place for a second shelter, but this is not easy.


We run information stalls at dog fairs and flea markets and we have our own event called “Autumn Paws” coming up on November 8. We hope to raise some money at these events for the new shelter our greyhounds so desperately need.

We want to save more greyhounds with a mid-October transport, but at the moment we have not enough money to do so. It costs 150€ for transport, another 130€ for spay/neuter, plus the costs of food and veterinary care. So I hope you will help us again to save some more poor greyhounds from Ireland and find loving homes for them in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Donate to help ProGreyhound

Thank very much for your generous help and support. Please also let people know about the wonderful dogs we have available for adoption now!

Barbara Adomait

Please join us in making a generous donation to ProGreyhound today, so that Barbara can continue her important work and travel once more to Ireland to rescue greyhounds. Every dollar you give will help save lives today and also promote the multi-national campaign of cooperation to end dog racing worldwide.


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