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80,000 reasons to end dog racing now

Dear Friends,

Did you know that more than 80,000 greyhounds have been born into the cruelty of dog racing since 2008 alone? And did you know that the state with more tracks than all others combined (Florida) refuses to disclose how many dogs are injured each year? The national greyhound industry itself does not even keep track of what happens to these gentle hounds …

highstakesAs you read this, we are unveiling the first comprehensive report on commercial dog racing in the United States. The full story of greyhound suffering is finally being told and our findings are startling. The Associated Press and America Tonight are already reporting on this never-before-seen information!

GREY2K USA Worldwide President Christine Dorchak and Executive Director Carey Theil are now on the road, going state to state, meeting with reporters, lawmakers and adoption groups across the country to release this never-before-seen information. You can help by signing and sharing our petition with the ASPCA to end dog racing now.

In High Stakes: Greyhound Racing in the United States, we trace the beginnings of this cruel activity from its early promotion by organized crime bosses to today's protection by state racing commissions. The relentless overbreeding of greyhounds is documented. The sale of spent racers for laboratory experimentation, the repeated discovery of piles of dead dogs, greyhounds testing positive for cocaine – in fact all the terrible cruelty associated with dog racing is fully recounted for the first time. See it and share it at

Funds are needed now to lobby for an end to dog racing and to pass legislation that will give greyhounds the second chance they deserve. GREY2K USA has introduced new bills in multiple states for the 2015 session, and we need your help to succeed. As we testify before committees and speak to individual lawmakers, we need you standing right beside us.

Sign our petition today and then please make the biggest gift you can. A generous donor will double ever dollar donated in response to the release of our report, so please give today! If you are on facebook or twitter join our social media movement to share our report.

Eric Jackson
Vice President

Eric Jackson

Key findings:

  • There is no money in dog racing. Gambling dollars have declined by 66% since 2001 and tax revenues amount to only $15 million nationwide.

  • Greyhounds are killed. Since 2008, nearly 1,000 deaths and 12,000 injuries have been reported. Racing greyhounds suffer broken legs, crushed skulls, paralysis, seizures, broken necks and die by electrocution.

  • Racing kennels neglect dogs. Greyhounds are kept confined in solitary cages for twenty or more hours each day. They are fed a diet based on cheap, diseased meat and basic veterinary care is withheld.


  • The industry is failing. Since 1991, 41 tracks have closed or ended live racing. Now it is time to close the rest

double your gift

P.S.  Did you know that GREY2K USA has helped prevent the expansion of commercial dog racing to countries such as South Africa and India while also working to close down American dog tracks?  With your help, we will close them all!  Every dollar you give will be doubled and will brings us not one, but two, steps closer to saving the greyhounds.



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