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Breaking News: Mayor Sides With the Dogs, Track to be Demolished

On Tuesday, October 30, London Mayor Boris Johnson will decide the fate of Walthamstow Stadium.  Walthamstow closed as a dog track in 2008, with the owners saying that greyhound racing was “unsustainable.” Since then, a housing association named London and Quadrant has proposed building affordable homes at the Walthamstow site, and their proposal is now pending before Mayor Johnson.

The Mayor now has a simple choice: he can either support affordable housing, or he can support industrialized cruelty.

Please contact Mayor Johnson immediately by using the form below, and ask him to side with the dogs.  Tell him that greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and should not be allowed to return to Walthamstow.

If you have a rescued greyhound, please also attach a photo of your dog.  Let’s show the mayor what is really at stake: the fate of thousands of greyhounds who will suffer if Walthamstow is allowed to reopen as a dog track.

See the GREY2K USA UK page.

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These are some of the greyhounds that Mayor Boris Johnson has heard from:

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