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Dear Friends,


The time has truly come to bring the Canidrome dogs home! A lucky greyhound was just transported from Macau to a waiting rescue group in France. Magic was very sick and injured but she has now found a Forever Home with our board member, Kerry Elliman in the United Kingdom.  

Watch Magic’s rescue video and then please sign our new petition to the Chief Executive of Macau to demand the immediate release of all of Magic’s friends.​


Play Magic video

For decades, and because this terrible track never had an adoption program, every dog that raced at the Canidrome was doomed to die. Greyhounds either collapsed from their injuries or were methodically destroyed and replaced with younger, faster dogs as soon as they stopped winning. In fact, no greyhound ever got out alive. Hundreds died each year. ​

Until now. The Canidrome has been ordered to close and stop racing dogs by July 21, 2018. We have now formed an international safety net with our Macau board member Albano Martins of ANIMA and Italian greyhound advocates Stefania Traini and Massimo Grecco of Pet Levrieri. Thankfully, several dogs have already come out to safety, but your help is needed to save the rest. 

Please do these three things now:

  • Sign our new petition asking the Macau government to release the Canidrome dogs to ANIMA, in particular the 100 dogs already listed as “inactive.”
  • Email us at if you represent an adoption group that is willing to accept Canidrome dogs. For efficiency and to spare the dogs unnecessary travel, our focus is on European groups but please contact us no matter where you are!
  • Make a donation to help us give the waiting Macau dogs the medical care, nutritional support and safe passage to adoption that they all so desperately need. You can also help by proudly wearing one of our “I Stand With Macau Greyhounds” t-shirts and/or donating to receive a Magic doll.




Our 7-year campaign to #CloseTheCanidrome has succeeded. Now let’s bring home the greyhounds, each and every one!


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Christine A. Dorchak Esq.

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