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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we would like to share some good news and invite you to join us in supporting some of the wonderful groups working to save greyhounds in the Emerald Isle.  ​

According to industry publication Greyhound Star, the number of Irish greyhounds bred to be used and abused for racing has declined by 50% in the last fifteen years! A recent article laments that “many breeders have already given up” and left the industry due to its continuing decline and the closure of iconic tracks like Harold’s Cross Stadium in Dublin.

Unfortunately, the cruelty of racing is still significant. According to Dogs Trust, as many as 3,500 greyhounds still disappear from record each year. Additionally, just as in the United States, innocent dogs are testing cocaine-positive at 16 tracks all across the country.

Thankfully, there are many organizations in place to try and save these innocent hounds. We applaud the volunteers working with Dog Rescue Ireland, Great Hounds in Need, Limerick Animal Welfare, Galway SPCA, Cara Rescue Dogs, Erin Hounds, Kerry Greyhound Connection and so many others in Ireland and across the world. Please consider making a direct donation to help them and take a look at some of their beautiful, adoptable dogs right now.


Petal, Cara Rescue Dogs; Ronan, Erin Hounds; Champ, Dogs Trust

You can also show your solidarity with our Irish allies by buying authentic St. Patrick's Day apparel from Bonny Graphics.  Each t-shirt or hoodie is available in an array of colors and reads “Beautiful Hound” in both Gaelic and in English.​

Designer Gillian Roberts will donate 50% of every purchase to help our campaigns to end dog racing, both here and abroad. Gillian’s wonderful offer also includes tote bags and coffee mugs in her unique “Hounds should only run for fun,” “A greyhound stole my heart” and brand-new “Greys Love Life” designs. Bonus: Place your order by February 25 and receive 15% off using discount code 15OFF18.

Bonny Graphics hoodie, tee, tote and mug



Last year’s rally outside of Irish Parliament was just the start. With your support, we will return to Ireland to encourage lawmakers there to follow in the footsteps of other countries now supporting an end to dog racing.

For the greyhounds,


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