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Miami TV Station Uncovers

Dear Greyhound Friends,

A few days ago, we released footage of fatal injuries suffered at Arizonaís last remaining greyhound track, Tucson Greyhound Park. Please watch our video to see injuries suffered by dogs like Pa's Mismakamess and Oxbow Savage, who cracked his skull and died during his final race.

AZ video

You can also see KVOA-TVís coverage, which includes reaction from track management.

State records show that nearly 1,000 greyhound injuries were reported from 2007-2009 at Pheonix and Tucson Greyhound Parks. 37% were broken or sprained legs and other injuries included broken backs, dislocations, heat stroke, puncture wounds and paralysis. On average, Tucson Greyhound Park, the state's last remaining track, reported two greyhound injuries per week.

As long as greyhound racing continues, dogs will continue to suffer and die. But we can work together to stop this.

In fact, House Bill 2536, filed by Republican Vic Williams, is now working its way through the House of Representatives and will soon move to the state Senate! Hereís what the bill does:

  • Immediately drops the live racing requirement down to 100 days, from its current 50 weeks
  • Allows Tucson Greyhound Park to phase out dog racing completely, following negotiations with kennel operators.

This is the moment Arizona greyhounds have been waiting for! Arizona once had five tracks, but now we are very close to ending dog racing entirely.

Please support these efforts with a donation today.

Earlier this month, GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak met with both lawmakers, grassroots advocates and adoption volunteers to promote the passage of HB 2536 in the house. Additional funds are needed now to keep us on the ground and working to pass this important bill in the Senate. Please help if you can!

Finally, if you live in Arizona, please contact your state senator and ask him or her to support HB 2536. And if you need help identifying your state senator, go here.

We are closer than ever to ending the cruelty of dog racing in the Grand Canyon State!

Carey M. Theil

Executive Director


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