Fox and friends: stop promoting dog racing

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Did you know that on February 13, nationally-televised talk show, Fox & Friends, aired a segment promoting dog racing? Even worse, on Monday March 6, it is planning to do a follow-up featuring Janice Dean, "The Weather Machine," a greyhound named after their on-air meteorologist. The dog will be flown from the Palm Beach Kennel Club to appear live in studio that morning.


According to the Palm Beach web site:

"Exciting News! Janice Dean, 'The Weather Machine' will be flying to New York to appear on Fox & Friends Monday morning, March 6, to meet her namesake, Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean! Tell all your friends to tune in and spread this exciting news around. Fox & Friends airs from 6:00am-9:00am."


Greyhound Janice Dean

Greyhound Janice Dean


Please post a Facebook message to Fox & Friends now and e-mail them to let them know that greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. Tell them that since 2001, there has been a 70% decline in the amount of money wagered on greyhound racing because Americans simply reject an old-time form of gambling that hurts dogs. Greyhounds are kept confined in warehouse-style kennels for an average of twenty hours a day. When let out to race, they face the risk of serious injury. Since 2008, over 14,000 injuries have been reported to state regulators. 


In Florida, where Janice Dean is racing, a greyhound dies every three days. Twenty-four greyhounds have recently died at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, including one greyhound named Royal Runner who was electrocuted to death. Janice Dean faces these same risks every time she is taken out of her solitary metal cage to race! Instead of celebrating dog racing, Fox-TV should be advocating for abuse of these gentle dogs to end.



A greyhound falls on an American track

A greyhound falls on an American track in 2016

You can also help greyhounds in another big way! Become a monthly sustainer to ensure that our campaigns to end dog racing march on to victory. Since our formation 16 years ago, nearly three dozen US tracks have closed. Additionally, several foreign countries, including South Africa and the Philippines, have refused to authorize the activity! We are on the verge of wiping out dog racing for good, but our campaign needs your help to cross the finish line.

Join our Gracie Club as a monthly donor or give a generous donation today. We are a small but hardworking organization and every dollar you give will be appreciated more than you will know!


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