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Dear Friends,


This month, the saddest records crossed my desk. According to the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, ten racing greyhounds died in October.

BS Jarrod “snapped his spinal cord,” while racing at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. FGF Josie was struck by another dog and suffered a “ruptured organ” due to “blunt trauma and rotation of abdomen causing internal bleeding.” She got up and tried to finish her race but collapsed and died alone on the sand and dirt of the Daytona Beach dog track. ​

Flippin Bubba broke his back. Scottish Scourge broke a leg and was summarily destroyed. Both of these dogs died at Orange Park on the same day, six hours apart. ​

Of all the death notifications I read, the saddest one involved a nameless puppy who was just one year of age. Fresh off the breeding farm, she had never raced and was still “in training” at the Florida Kennel Compound. Her death on October 10, 2017 at 8:30 am is described on a single piece of paper, consisting of hastily written notes. The kennel hand who watched her die that morning wrote the following:  ​

Schooling - Fell into the rail and I assume got electricity. She was deceased immediately afterwards (sic)

This has to stop! If you are as heartsick as I am about what is happening to innocent greyhounds, let’s do something about it.

Sign our petition to the members of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission now. The 37 Commissioners will soon vote on Proposal 67, a measure to prohibit dog racing and close down twelve dog tracks. This is the most significant piece of legislation to help greyhounds ever filed! If approved, the measure will appear on the November 2018 ballot so that voters can finally end dog racing in the state where it was first allowed to begin.

Joined by wonderful volunteers across the state, our Executive Director Carey Theil has been speaking at public meetings statewide, providing information to commissioners and laying out the importance of ending dog racing in Florida. He is doing everything he can to help bring Proposal 67 to the ballot this year. 

2018 Florida CRC hearings


Please sign and share our petition to the full CRC today. Let the Commissioners know that the time has come to give Florida’s greyhounds the second chance they deserve.

For the hounds,


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Christine A. Dorchak Esq.


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