Brooklyn is safe!

Dear Friends,

Do you remember me? My name is Brooklyn and I have survived the Canidrome, the worst dog track in the world. Please watch my new video now!
Won’t you please help save Canidrome dogs with a gift today? Be as generous as you can so that all 530 surviving hounds can be cared for and loved, just like me. For a gift of $100 or more, you will receive a limited edition print and matching notecards with my picture on them.
Brooklyn print and matching notecards

Limited Edition Brooklyn print with matching notecards

At the infamous Canidrome, where I was held for nearly ten years, I never knew if I would live or die. I watched my friends suffer terrible racing injuries. They broke their legs, suffered crushed skulls and some were instantly paralyzed. Every month, 30 dogs were carried off the track and killed to make room for newer, faster greyhounds.
Brooklyn at the Canidrome
But on June 30, 2018, the last race was held. Albano Martins of ANIMA Macau found me in my cell and let me know that I would be going home to the United States.
GREY2K is now working to sponsor all of my friends to safety with allied adoption groups around the world. Please support this miraculous campaign now.
It is because of you that my life has been saved.
For the hounds,

Christine Dorchak signature

GREY2K USA Worldwide

P.S. I am now happy and safe with my new Best Friend, Gina! But other Canidrome dogs are still waiting. Please make a special donation to help them receive medical care and be placed in loving homes as quickly as possible.

Brooklyn and Gina

P.P.S. To follow the ongoing rescue effort, be sure to check out the Save the Macau Greyhounds Facebook page created by Pet Levrieri. You will see lots of happy faces!

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