A new challenge for Brooklyn

Dear Friends,

With the Canidrome now empty and the last greyhounds arriving today in Philadelphia, we wish to share some news about Brooklyn, the dog we adopted from Macau.
On Monday, we were given the terrible news that this ten-year-old dog, who inspired the campaign to close the Canidrome, has cancer. Extensive x-rays by two veterinary offices revealed that the arthritis we suspected was actually osteosarcoma. We were devastated that this beautiful dog, who had survived so much, had only experienced six weeks of safety and love with a real family before receiving this diagnosis.
Christine and Carey with Brooklyn

Brooklyn eats his first biscuits post-surgery.

We determined to give him every chance possible. So yesterday, Brooklyn underwent an emergency front leg amputation. He is now home with us and resting. His prognosis is very good and he is already walking around as a tripod. Please think good thoughts for this dear boy. With luck, he may be with us for many months, if not years!
Brooklyn resting

Brooklyn rests at home.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the groups that accepted Canidrome dogs into their programs. Over 300 of the 532 surviving greyhounds were flown to the United States, including over 100 to the National Greyhound Adoption Program in Philadelphia, 45 to Elite Greyhound Adoptions in Florida and 40 to the Greyhound Adoption Center of California. You may see a complete international list at the end of our Saving Brooklyn video.
For the hounds,
Christine and Carey

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Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
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