RED ALERT: Calls are needed TODAY

Dear Friends,


Despite survey numbers showing that 2 of 3 West Virginians support SB 437, Governor Jim Justice has just vetoed this humane legislation. We have only a few hours to convince lawmakers to override him today. ​


Please call and email the Senate President and Speaker of the House right now and tell them to override the Governor's veto of SB 437.


Senate President Mitch Carmichael
(304) 357-7801


House Speaker Tim Armstead
(304) 340-3210

Next, contact as many members on this list as possible. Every vote counts!


(304) 357-7970
(304) 357-7867
(304) 357-7905
(304) 357-7973
(304) 357-7827

(304) 357-7807


(304) 357-7918
(304) 357-7841
(304) 357-7901
(304) 357-7906
(304) 357-7849
(304) 357-7902
(304) 357-7808
(304) 357-7831
(304) 357-7957
(304) 357-7995
(304) 357-7843
(304) 357-7914
(304) 357-7990

(304) 357-7980


(304) 357-7984



SB 437 is designed to repeal $15 million in annual subsidies for greyhound breeding and phase out live racing at the state’s two dog tracks with a $1 million adoption trust fund.

Thousands of dogs will be saved if this bill become law. The House supported the measure by a margin of 56-44 and the Senate vote was 19-15.

Read today’s commentary in the Charleston Gazette by local businessman and former gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney and then please make your calls!

West Virginia greyhounds need your help urgently. Please act now and share this alert far and wide!

For the greyhounds,

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Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
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Carey M. Theil
Executive Director


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