LAST CHANCE Calls needed to end dog racing in Florida

Dear Friends,


Next week Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission will take a final, decisive vote on a proposal to end dog racing. To succeed in placing this humane proposal on the November ballot, the greyhounds must receive 22 votes.​

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to finally stop the suffering of greyhounds in the Sunshine State. Let’s work together and give the greyhounds a powerful voice!​

Please call and email each of the Commissioners below, and ask them to Vote Yes on Proposal 6012. (Note that the number of our proposal to help greyhounds has changed from 67 to 6012.)​

Feel free to use our Proposal 6012 Fact Sheet in making your calls and sending your emails. I know it will take time to make these contacts, but it is truly now or never for Florida greyhounds!​

Chair Carlos Beruff
(850) 717-9550


Commissioner Hank Coxe
(904) 353-0211


Commissioner Jose Felix Diaz


Commissioner Erika Donalds
(850) 270-8283


Commissioner Anna Marie Hernandez Gamez
(850) 320-8716


Commissioner Tom Grady
(850) 270-1630


Commissioner Marva Johnson
(850) 792-6574


Commissioner Frank Kruppenbacher


Commissioner Gary Lester
(352) 775-7890


Commissioner Jeanette Nuñez
(305) 227-7630


Commissioner Darryl Rouson
(727) 822-6828


Commissioner Bill Schifino
(850) 792-5825


Commissioner Chris Sprowls
(727) 793-2810


Commissioner John Stemberger
(850) 329-0805


Commissioner Nicole Washington
(786) 309-6022


We are so proud of the progress we have made so far, but our work isn’t complete yet. Let’s push Proposal 6012 over the finish line. Together we can do it!

For the hounds,

Christine Carey and Gina Christine Dorchak signature
Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
Carey Theil signature
Carey M. Theil
Executive Director

P.S. After you have contacted the CRC Commissioners, please remember to bid in our new Spring auction. All proceeds benefit our campaign to end dog racing!

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