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	Florida sub-committee approves 																						greyhound bill, calls needed


Tomorrow, the House Economic Affairs Committee will vote on our Greyhound Decoupling Bill (House Bill 1145). To read my letter to chairperson Dorothy Hukill, click here.

Please call each of the lawmakers listed below right away, and politely ask them to support House Bill 1145. If you have an adopted greyhound, please mention this in your call.

Background: In a hypocritical attempt to defeat this humane bill, greyhound breeders are using scare tactics and telling lawmakers that HB 1145 will somehow harm greyhounds. This could not be farther from the truth. Rescue groups across the country have already pledged to work with us to give greyhounds the second chance they deserve.

  • Tell lawmakers that this is a good bill that will reduce greyhound injuries and reduce the number of greyhounds that indure lives of confinement.

  • Also, tell them that they should not listen to the scare tactics being used by greyhound breeders who want only to protect their industry.

Finally, please remember to forward this message to everyone you know in Florida. The greyhounds can't speak for themselves, and are counting on us to be their voice!


Carey Theil


Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA

Florida House Economic Affairs Committee

Dorothy Hukill, Chair
(850) 488-6653

Doug Holder, Vice Chair
(850) 488-1171

Geri Thompson, Democratic Ranking Member
(850) 488-0760

Joseph Abruzzo
(850) 488-4791

Frank Artiles
(850) 488-9550

Jim Boyd
(850) 488-4086

Chris Dorworth
(850) 488-5843

Brad Drake
(850) 488-4726

Evan Jenne
(850) 488-0245

Peter Nehr
(850) 488-5580

Bryan Nelson
(850) 488-2023

Jeanette Nunez
(850) 488-7897

Steve Perman
(850) 488-5588

Ronald “Doc” Renuart
(850) 488-0001

Ken Roberson
(850) 488-0060

Irv Slosberg
(850) 488-1302

Jim Waldman
(850) 488-3164

Ritch Workman
(850) 488-9720


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