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	Florida sub-committee approves 																						greyhound bill, calls needed



Great news: thousands of Florida greyhounds are closer to being helped than ever before!

Lawmakers in the Sunshine State are now considering two bills (Senate Bill 1594 and House Bill 1145) to decouple greyhound racing from other forms of gambling. If these bills pass, greyhound racing will be significantly reduced and may even end completely at thirteen racetracks.

This means that greyhound injuries will be significantly reduced, and the number of greyhounds enduring lives of terrible confinement will also drop. To read a letter I sent to lawmakers yesterday in support this bill, click here.

Thanks to the hard work of thousands of grassroots volunteers, these humane bills have already passed five legislative committees, and are on the verge of becoming law. Today, we need your help to push them over the finish line!

Early next week, two Florida Senate Committees will vote on our Senate Greyhound Decoupling Bill (Senate Bill 1594).

Please call and e-mail each of the lawmakers listed below right away, and politely ask them to support Senate Bill 1594. If you have an adopted greyhound, please mention this in your call.

Tell lawmakers that this is a good bill that will reduce greyhound injuries and reduce the number of greyhounds that endure lives of confinement. Also, tell them that they should not listen to the scare tactics being used by greyhound breeders who want only to protect their cruel industry.

Finally, please remember to forward this message to everyone you know. The greyhounds can't speak for themselves, and are counting on us to be their voice!


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA

Senator JD Alexandergreyhound
(850) 487-5044

Senator Joe Negron
(850) 487-5088

Senator Thad Altman
(850) 487-5053

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto
(850) 487-5356

Senator Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff
(850) 487-5100

Senator Larcenia Bullard
(850) 487-5127

Senator Mike Fasano
(850) 487-5062

Senator Anitere Flores
(850) 487-5130

Senator Don Gaetz
(850) 487-5009

Senator Andy Gardiner
(850) 487-5047

Senator Alan Hays
(850) 487-5014

Senator Dennis Jones
(850) 487-5065

Senator Arthenia Joyner
(850) 487-5059

Senator Evelyn Lynn
(850) 487-5033

Senator Gwen Margolis
(850) 487-5121

Senator Bill Montford
(850) 487-5004

Senator Nan Rich
(850) 487-5103

Senator Garrett Richter
(850) 487-5124

Senator David Simmons
(850) 487-5050

Senator Gary Siplin
(850) 487-5190

Senator Chris Smith
(850) 487-5112

Senator Eleanor Sobel
(850) 487-5097

Senator John Thrasher
(850) 487-5030

Senator Stephen Wise
(850) 487-5027


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