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Dear Friends,


Dog racing proponents are at it again! Tomorrow morning, a bill to re-open all the Kansas dog tracks will be heard by the House Appropriations Committee. Please sign our petition and then personally contact all of the Committee members. Demand a No Vote on HB 2173. If this dangerous legislation passes, all of the Kansas dog tracks will re-open!




Chair Troy Waymaster




Vice Chair Erin Davis




Ranking Minority Member

Kathy Wolfe Moore



Now, contact the rest of the committee here.


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HB 2173 seeks to encourage dog tracks to come alive again with thousands of slot machines. At least two of the three dog tracks would be required to offer live racing, bringing suffering and death to thousands of young greyhounds each year.

We cannot let this happen!

Key points:

  • Greyhound racing is a dying industry, illegal in 40 states. Greyhound racing proved to be a bad experiment for Kansas, with a 95% decline in gambling forcing the facilities to close. It makes little sense to bring this unpopular industry back to the state.
  • Slot machine subsidies are anti free-market and do not work. This idea has been tried in multiple other states and failed. The state of Iowa lost $14 million a year promoting greyhound racing and today West Virginia, which also subsidizes the industry, has seen attendance levels drop by as much as 99%. The tracks in Florida lose over $30 million a year on dog racing because the cost of promotion and regulation far exceeds the amount of money bet.
  • The dogs lose, too. In the last six months of racing in Kansas, 19 dogs died and 80 dogs suffered broken legs, broken backs and other injuries. Such cruelty should not be allowed to return. 

Decrease in live betting in Kansas


Please contact Chair Troy Waymaster and as many members of the House Appropriations Committee as you can. Ask them to Reject HB 2173, and be sure to let Governor Brownback know your concerns as well.  

The dogs need you desperately. Please act now. 

For the greyhounds,


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Christine A. Dorchak Esq.



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