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Sign a petition to save an injured greyhound now

Dear Friends,

Today we bring you troubling news about Brooklyn, one of the greyhounds racing at the Canidrome, Macau's only dog track. Brooklyn has been injured and his immediate future is now very uncertain.

macauOn May 5, the four-year-old dog fell while racing. Track records document that he was cut and wounded.

This was the fourth race in a row in which he has finished in fifth place or worse. According to the Macau Daily Times, when dogs finish outside the top three in five races in a row, they are destroyed. As many as 400 greyhounds are killed each year.

We know that Brooklyn's days are numbered and your help is needed now to force the Canidrome to release him.

Sign our petition to the Macau government now. You may also e-mail the track itself at

As revealed in our published analysis of January 2012, in a ten-week period from October 21, 2011 through December 31, 2011, more than 300 injuries took place at the Canidrome. Of these, 54 injured dogs were "recommended to retire."

But there is no "retirement" program for greyhounds at the Canidrome! Unprofitable greyhounds are simply killed at a rate of thirty per month and new dogs are shipped in to take their place. As Albano Martins, head of the Macau Society for the Protection of Animals (ANIMA) has stated:

Dogs are just "things" here. They are bought, sold and then thrown away like garbage.

There is some good news to share today, however.

Last week, ANIMA received a letter from track officials promising to let one dog leave the facility and to implement an adoption program in thirty days. But thirty days is too long for Brooklyn and unfortunately, the track already made this same promise two months ago.

So now Albano has requested a meeting with Macau's Chief Executive to force the track to act. You can help now by signing our petition to Chief Executive, Dr. Chui Sai On or by e-mailing him directly at

Sadly, unless Brooklyn receives the help he deserves, he will be killed. Please take action now and give Brooklyn the second chance he deserves. You will find regular updates on Brooklyn, related news stories and blogs at

Thank you for caring!

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA


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