Arkansas is betting in cruelty

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Since 1956, innocent young dogs have suffered and died at Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, Arkansas. Now for the first time this cruelty has been exposed by reporter Jim Spiewak of Fox 13.  ​​

Over the last ten years, 1,130 injuries have been reported at this aging dog track, including dogs who broke their backs and legs or were simply reported dead. Two-year-old PJ Kickthedustup was just one of the 712 greyhounds to suffer broken bones. He crashed and fell hard on his back multiple times. One-year-old HK Cream hit the rail and died on impact. It was only her fourth race. In fact, a total of thirty-five greyhounds lost their lives just so someone could place a $2 bet on them.​

One of the injured dogs White Night belonged to the infamous Ursula O’Donnell, who was linked to the killing of thousands of Florida greyhounds in 2002. More recently, in January 2018 she was fined $2,000 and suspended for sixty days after five of her Texas dogs tested positive for prohibited substances. As for little White Night, he was paralyzed and disappeared from record in March 2017...​

Unbelievably, the tax payers are sponsoring this cruelty through not one but two slush funds! ​

Arkansas law requires that a payout of 14% from all other gambling activities be used to subsidize dog racing. Another 1% is set aside to fund the state’s Greyhound Breeding Development Fund. With nearly 2,000 slot machines at Southland, this has amounted to over $164 million in lost revenue to the state since 2006. All told, greyhound kennels receive more from kickbacks than from racing itself. For example, while only $18 million was bet on live dog racing in the last fully reported year of 2016, the “dog men and women” received over $30 million in their slot machine share.​

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