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GREY2K USA Action Alert


Fate of Thousands of Greyhounds Hangs in the Balance, E-mails Needed Now!

Dear Friends:

Every year, thousands of greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement at New Hampshire racetracks. They are fed the cheapest meat available, and many suffer serious injuries.

After years of working, we are very close to ending this cruelty for good. However, the most important battle yet is now taking place and we need your immediate help.

In Concord, lawmakers are debating the details of the State Budget in a Conference Committee. Depending on the outcome of these negotiations, the cruelty of dog racing could either end forever, or instead continue for another generation.

Please send an e-mail right away to every member of the Budget Conference Committee. Click here to find a complete list of these members, with their e-mail addresses.

Specifically, please ask them to support the greyhounds in two ways:

  1. Ask them to OPPOSE the slot machine proposal, because it would REQUIRE that dog racing continue at Granite State racetracks.

  2. Ask them to SUPPORT the proposal to make dog tracks pay for the cost of their own regulation. Right now the state is losing money on greyhound racing, and dog races are being subsidized by taxpayers. Racetrack owners have said that if this proposal passes, they will stop racing dogs for good.

This is the most important thing you can do for New Hampshire greyhounds.

Please send your e-mails right away. Then, forward this message to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

The dogs cannot speak for themselves, and they are counting on all of us to help them. Please do your part today.

For the greyhounds,

Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil







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