Greyhound Freedom Auction

Dear Friends,


To celebrate the upcoming Independence Day for greyhounds in Florida, we are happy to announce a new Greyhound Freedom auction full of patriotic items – all donated by greyhound advocates around the world!  Right now, we are sponsoring a ballot question to prohibit dog racing and funds will be needed to help with the safe release of greyhounds from Sunshine State’s dog tracks. So please bid and bid generously!

Bid now to support greyhound freedom


We are particularly grateful to Judy Zatonski for sending a special delivery of patriotic items for dogs, including the beautifully beaded American bandana modeled by Gina above. Judy also made a pillow cover with the United States flag on one side and rescued dogs on the other! Founding board member Denise McFadden donated a blue porcelain greyhound statue as well as vintage gold and silver greyhound pins.

Auction items
Patriotic Greeting Cards, Patriotic Pillow, Authentic Little Women Dolls, Vintage Gold and Silver Greyhound Pins, Precious Porcelain Spotted Greyhound Statue 


Maureen Lucas donated a red, white and blue tie and Barbara Tripp sent us a special collector’s item – a large chrome running greyhound! Check out the hand-painted dog and cat chess set, replica Greyhound Bus piggy bank and for more doggy fun, see the blue crystal necklaces, handmade ID pendants and personalized paintings available!​

Assorted auction items

Hand-painted Dog and Cat Chess Set, Antique Photogravure Numbered Print, Red, White and Blue Greyhound Tie, Large Chrome Running Greyhound, Gold-Toned Greyhound Earrings, Greyhound Bus Piggy Bank, Red, White and Blue Greyhound Tie

I could go on about the antique art and handmade jewelry in our new auction, but please check out our full selection and make a donation or bid on some items to help this historic campaign to save greyhounds! ​

Our Greyhound Freedom auction ends Monday, July 9 at 12 pm ET. ​

For the hounds,


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Christine A. Dorchak Esq.


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