TAKE ACTION! Emails needed to bring Canidrome dogs to safety

Dear Friends,


The Canidrome will close in just a few days! That’s right, on July 21 hundreds of greyhounds stand ready to begin new lives, freed from the dungeon-like kennels where they have been neglected and abused for years. I have seen with my own eyes the injured and sick dogs and their terrible condition as they are brought out to race.

Canidrome dogs


Some are frail and underfed… some are missing big patches of fur, their coats dull and lifeless. Others have open wounds on their chests and legs. This is truly the worst dog track in the world! A dog who did not “place” in five consecutive races was simply destroyed and replaced with another victim. As many as 400 dogs had been killed each year from 1963-2016. No dog ever got out alive because there was no adoption program at all.

Help us convince the government to release the 650 surviving Canidrome dogs to our key coalition comprised of ANIMA Macau, Pet Levrieri of Italy and GREY2K USA Worldwide. We have assembled a safety net of waiting adoption groups around the world and two dogs have already been transported to safety in France and the United Kingdom.

Please do four things today:​

1. Send a direct email to Macau Chief Executive Dr. Chui Sai On at gce@raem.gov.mo and ask that all the Canidrome dogs be released to ANIMA. Or send your message via online form. Please use our sample message below or write one of your own. Remember to include your name and country.


2. If you represent an adoption group from a country with well-established companion animal protection laws, please contact our coalition at savemacaugreyhounds@gmail.com to accept Canidrome dogs into your program.


3. Support our campaign to provide proper food, housing, medical care and transport for the Canidrome dogs received so far, and the others to come. Artist Danielle Festa has designed a beautiful depiction of the Canidrome dogs flying free and has made 30 signed and dated prints available to support this campaign.


4. Forward this email to everyone you know!


Support out campaign for the Macau greyhounds



Sample message


Title: Please release the Canidrome dogs to ANIMA


Honorable Chief Executive,


Thank you very much for ordering the closure of the Yat Yuen Canine Club, better known as the Canidrome.


I am writing to ask that you please release the 650 surviving greyhounds to Albano Martins and his organization ANIMA, Society for Animal Protection Macau. He and his international allies have assembled a team of adoption groups around the world and they stand ready to give all remaining dogs a second chance at life.


The good reputation of Macau will shine even more once these dogs are saved. Please use your power to help them be released into safe hands.




Your Name

International Roundtable on Greyhounds

Thankfully, our determined campaign which began in 2011, has succeeded in stopping the killing and the time has come to bring the surviving dogs home. Groups like Animals Australia, Animals Asia, RSPCA UK, RSPCA Australia, Greyt Exploitations, SPCA Hong Kong and Beijing’s own Capital Animal Welfare Society have played key roles leading up to this moment. Now your support is needed for the last critical step. ​

Help us to convince the government to order the release of all surviving dogs into the caring hands of GREY2K USA Worldwide board member, Albano Martins. His shelter, ANIMA Macau, is located just 25 minutes from the track and he is in regular negotiations with local officials to allow him access to the dogs. 

But so far, Albano has received just eighteen greyhounds while the track owner Angela Leong is saying that the others are under good care and that she will “handle” them herself! Several dogs have already shown up for sale at a Macau pet shop and there are fears that she may dispose of others in mainland China, Korea or Vietnam. Obviously, a woman who has done nothing but hurt gentle greyhounds for years cannot be trusted to care for them now.

This is the last big step in our #CloseTheCanidrome campaign. Won’t you please be a voice for the dogs?

Go team!

For the dogs,

Christine and Gina Christine Dorchak signature  
Christine A. Dorchak Esq.


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