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adoptablesHundreds of greyhound adoption groups have been formed across the country in order to find homes for dogs that have been discarded by the racing industry. As part of our continuing series, we would like to spotlight the wonderful work of KCREGAP.

Dear Friend,

Since the early 1990s, Kansas City REGAP (Retired Greyhounds As Pets) has been dedicated to the rescue of greyhounds, seeking to place gentle dogs into loving homes.

While some rescued greyhounds are young, fairly healthy and adoptable, many more are in desperate need of medical help and tender care: the old brood mamas who are 9, 10, even 11-years-old; the racers whose "careers" ended with broken legs that are yet to be treated; the poor skinny guys riddled with fleas, ticks, internal parasites and even heartworm. REGAP does not turn anyone away.

Even though there are no longer any operational tracks in the state of Kansas thankfully, the state racing commission permanently revoked all licenses as of June 2010 KCREGAP continues to take in greyhounds from tracks and breeding farms all across the country.

rescueRecently, KCREGAP was able to take five greyhounds from tracks in Arkansas and Alabama. The dogs were scheduled to come in a haul moving through the St. Louis area, then on to Chicago, and finally back to Kansas City. But in order to save these precious girls from riding in the hauler for several extra days in the July heat, four KCREGAP volunteers drove more than four hours to St. Louis and returned home with America, Freedom, Justice, Liberty and Revere on Friday morning at 3 am!

Click here to see photos of this successful mission. Click here to see all of the adoptable dogs.

KCREGAP has provided homes for over 5,000 greyhounds to date! To contribute to their wonderful work or to inquire about adoption, please visit the KCREGAP web site now.

For the greyhounds,
Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA


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