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Great news! The GREY2K USA Education Fund has partnered with GreaterGood to sponsor needy greyhounds as they are released from dog tracks. Our Second Chance for Greyhounds Fund will provide crucial funding so that adoption groups can bring more gentle hounds to safety than ever before.​ ​

Go here to click in support of adoption. It's free! Each click will generate a donation from GreaterGood to support a rescued greyhound in need of food, medical care and comfort. This promotion only lasts for 48 hours, so please act now!

CLICK to save greyhounds

Dogs in the racing industry are victims of standard practices that are cruel and inhumane. At racetracks across the country, thousands of greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement and are fed a diet based on diseased meat. They are kept in small solitary cages for long hours each day, increasing their risk of serious injury when they are sent to race. Common injuries for racing greyhounds include broken legs, paralysis, seizures and head trauma. ​

Greyhound rescuers move quickly to receive these dogs, but they must often make the heartbreaking decision to leave some greyhounds behind due to the severity of their injuries. With limited resources, non-profit groups simply cannot afford to take them all.

You can make a difference by clicking here today and again tomorrow and by sharing this message with everyone you know.​

Please click to help my friends! Together, we can give all greyhounds the second chance they deserve.

For the greyhounds,


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