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Celebrate the end of dog racing and enter to win our contest

Dear Friend,

To celebrate his love of greyhounds and all dogs, mystery bookwriter David Rosenfelt is holding a contest to name a character in his next novel. Entries may be purchased for $5 each, $10 for three or $20 for ten chances. Proceeds from the contest will benefit GREY2K USA and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Buy chances here for your dog to win! The drawing is not limited to greyhounds, but wouldn't it be great if a rescued racer won?

The contest ends tomorrow night, Tuesday July 5 with a special drawing at Clues Unlimited bookstore in Tucson. But you need not be present to win. For more information, go here.

All of our greyhounds are stars, but here's a great new way to show it!

Happy Independence Day to all!


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA


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GREY2K USA is a national non-profit 501(c)4 organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing. Personal and corporate contributions are acceptable, and there are no limits on how much one individual can contribute. Because GREY2K USA actively lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible.

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