Dog racing has a drug problem

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Gentle greyhounds are considered to be some of the fastest animals on earth, but cruel and greedy track handlers still dope them up with illegal drugs. In the latest reported cases in Florida, two winning dogs tested cocaine-positive at two different tracks in the same month!

WW’s Castle Rock was found with Benzoylecgonine in her system after leading the pack at Orange Park Kennel Club on July 19. This was the third time she tested cocaine-positive. A three-old brindle named Jack’s Ruthless was also found to be coked up when she ran a race at the Orlando dog track just three days later.

Jack's Ruthless
WWs Quick Brady

Jack's Ruthless, Sevenup and WW's Quick Brady were all found drug-positive at Florida racetracks

How can this be happening? Isn’t cocaine an illegal substance? Unfortunately, punishments are light and risks are low. Only repeat offenders seem to be caught. According to state records, there have been over 400 drug-positives in Florida alone since 2007, with 70 cocaine-positives.

It’s time to stop this cruelty in its tracks and make dog racing history!

Believe it or not, some kennel workers try to explain away drug-positive dogs by claiming “environmental contamination.” But that’s not an excuse! In fact, it’s clear confirmation that dog racing has a drug problem from start to finish.

If you are as disgusted as I am with this callous treatment of dogs, please make a donation to end dog racing and shut down racetracks now.

We are working to end commercial dog racing in Florida and everywhere it exists. Florida is the key because it was the first place in the world to legalize dog racing and now plays host to 11 of the remaining US tracks. If the November ballot question to phase out greyhound racing succeeds, our long-sought victory will have ripple effects around the country and around world!

Please support our successful strategy to end dog racing, and help make 2018 a true Year of the Dog!

We are counting on everyone who cares about greyhounds to act now. Make a gift of $25 or whatever you can afford today. Every dollar brings us one step closer to that happy day when the greyhounds of the world are free again.

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