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Picture the end of dog racing – 2012 calendars just in!

Hi Greyhound Lovers,

My name is Bill and I am one of the stars of GREY2K USA's 2012 calendar! Here I am pictured in a bright bed of tulips after my Best Friend Jay rescued me from the gloom of Wonderland dog track. That sure was a great day!

I have to admit that I am not the only rescued greyhound in this year's calendar. Here are my fellow winners:

Abbey & Roxy – Len & Gerda Ziolkowski
Andra – Monique Boutot
Anngi – Natalie & Leo Larkin
Auleigh, Mimi, Phoenix and Isla – Judy Zatonski
Becker – Karen McCarthy
Claire – Judi Thourot
Dasher & Vixen – Jeff & Nancy Kliss
Emmett – Julie Christensen
Flying Berry – Nancy Weller
Indy & Blaze – Sonya Matheson
Jetson – Rob Greif
Kaipo & Amber – Sonja Wiggenraad
Maddie Brown – Jill Brown
Max – Lisa Lupari
Missy Ananda Leela Devani – Spiridoula Politis
Mona Lisa – Erin Servillo
Monkey & Snake – Anne Albanese
Pixie & Grace – Marian Yasuda
Poco Paco – Judy Greenfield
Porsche & Blueberry – Melissa Holbrook
Puck – Catherine Buck
Romeo – Chelsea & Dan Montague
Saint – Eda Holt
Sian, Hattie & Sarah – Lucille Cavadino
Slim – Dione Ardania
Sunshine & Trixie – Eric Jackson
Taylor – Cynthia Rennick
Teddy/Theodorable – Healy Cosay
Temper & Zoie – Diana May
Trixie – Susan Nance & Wes Macdonald

Get one of our "greyt" calendars now and you will also read about the progress made for the greyhounds, month by month, year by year, since GREY2K USA began working in 2001. Even better, you will meet the many wonderful dogs saved as a result.

This is a one-of-kind calendar and I hope you will consider ordering one for yourself and one for every greyhound fan you know.

Please click here to get your calendars now!

Temper and Zoie
Poco Paco

Bill the greyhound
Takoma Park, MD


P.S. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the calendar. See a gallery of
our finalists here.


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