TAKE ACTION: Stop the drugging of greyhounds

Dear Friends,
Greyhound racing has a drug problem. Gentle hounds are testing positive for drugs, even cocaine, at racetracks across the country. 

But aren’t drugs illegal? You bet they are.

NO CONFIDENCE: Drugs in the American Greyhound Racing Industry​Read our new report No Confidence, Drugs in the American Greyhound Racing Industry, and then please sign our national petition. Your signature will generate an email to the governors of each racing state asking them to stamp out the cruelty and corruption of dog racing for good.

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Our report reveals:

  • There have been 847 drug positives nationally over the past decade, including 71 greyhound cocaine positives.
  • Thirty greyhounds in the state of Florida tested cocaine-positive so far this year.
  • Class 1 drug positives – the most serious – spiked in 2017.
  • Drug paraphernalia, including syringes and injectable vials, are frequently found in racing kennels.
  • Despite their ill effects, female greyhounds are routinely drugged with anabolic steroids to keep them running.
  • Racing jurisdictions like Texas have cut back on drug testing at the request of track owners.
  • Texas has also stopped publicly disclosing the number of drug positive dogs it finds.
  • Penalties are so weak that an Alabama man was fined just $50 when his greyhound tested cocaine-positive.
  • Drug testing is severely underfunded. In some states, there are fewer drug tests than there are races!
  • Instead of cleaning up their act, kennel operators have been engaging lawyers to dismantle state rules against drugging dogs.
It is well known that racing dogs break their legs and sometimes die on the track. When not racing, they're kept confined in small cages for long hours each day and fed a diet based on raw diseased meat. If that weren't bad enough, now we know that drug use is rampant in this terrible industry.


Please stand with us as we work to abolish dog racing wherever it exists. Read our full report and sign our petition for the greyhounds today!​

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Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
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