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Boycott Skechers now

Dear Friends,

On November 22, we learned that Skechers had filmed a commercial at Tucson Greyhound Park featuring greyhound dogs in running jackets pitted against a small dog wearing Skechers sneakers.

We wrote to the company and asked you to join us in asking for this misguided promotion to be cancelled. Thankfully, thousands of greyhound advocates around the world signed our petition and also sent direct e-mails to company officials.

We have now learned that Skechers denies that it is promoting dog racing and that the greyhound ad will be aired during February's Super Bowl! Additionally, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is to be featured and was present for filming at the dog track.

Last week, Skecher's Vice President of Media Gary Patrick e-mailed me a three-sentence letter from the American Humane Association (dated December 5) stating that no animal was harmed in production of the commercial. This is good news, but hardly excuses the company for promoting greyhound racing!

PLEASE JOIN US NOW IN BOYCOTTING SKECHERS. Let company officials know that you will not be buying their products until the TGP ad is pulled. Of all the tracks in the United States, this is clearly one of the worst!

Then, sign our updated petition for Skechers, Mark Cuban and NBC, the network which will air the Super Bowl this year. You may also write to them directly as follows:

Skechers President Michael Greenburg at

Skechers Vice President of Media Gary Martin at

Mark Cuban at

NBC at

Let your voice be heard loudly for the greyhounds!


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA
Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA


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