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Dear Friends,

Today, GREY2K USA filed a complaint against Tucson Greyhound Park, including video proof that dogs at the track endure lives of terrible confinement.  These poor dogs are kept locked up in warehouse-style kennels and live in darkness.  Most of the greyhounds observed were even muzzled right inside in their cages.

Our investigation showed that greyhounds are fed “4-D” meat from diseased and downed animals.  This meat is being used despite the fact that local citizens voted to outlaw it in 2008. 

In just a few hours, our investigative footage will be aired exclusively by KOLD Channel 13 news, the CBS affiliate in Tucson. After this story airs, we will post the footage on GREY2K USA's YouTube channel.  Even though we can’t show you the footage yet, we can tell you that it is tragic.

For months we have been quietly negotiating with Tucson Greyhound Park, in hopes that we could find a joint solution that would end dog racing while also allowing the track to continue to exist.  Unfortunately, these negotiations have not been successful.

Now is the time for action.  Look for today’s story and join our team to close down this cruel facility.

In a matter of hours, the world will get the first-ever glimpse inside Tucson Greyhound Park.

For the greyhounds,

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA


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