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Join us for national "Boycott Skechers" weekend

Dear Greyhound Advocates, MI-Regap protests

The big game is scheduled for February 5, but shoe company Skechers continues to market the "humor" of its upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring dogs racing at Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP). Please join us this Saturday and Sunday for a national weekend of rallies at Skechers stores and/or resellers nationwide.

Greyhound advocates like Theresa Boostrom of Michigan REGAP know how the Tucson dogs suffer. Listen to her speak on their behalf at a Skecher's rally earlier this week.

caged greyhounds at TGPTGP's greyhounds are kept confined in small cages which are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. They are fed raw 4-D meat, the meat of downed, diseased, disabled or dead livestock. These conditions were documented in recent inspections by Pima County investigators and by a GREY2K USA undercover video first released in 2010.

Additionally, the state of Arizona documented nearly 1,000 injuries in the last reported years of 2007- 2009. (The state has refused to provide injury records since our initial release of these statistics). The most common injury was a broken leg, and other reported injuries included fractures, sprains, dislocations, muscle tears and strains, lacerations, a cracked skull, broken backs, heat stroke, puncture wounds and paralysis. Instead of promoting such cruelty, companies should be asking for it to end.

The greyhounds need you to take action now! It is not too late to convince Skechers to pull the TGP footage from its ad.

"No Skechers" events will take place this weekend from coast to coast, including:

Tucson (AZ)
Skechers Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 11:30 am - 1 pm
3175 N. Campbell Avenue – SW corner of Campbell & Ft. Lowell
Contact Karyn at
San Francisco (CA)
Skechers Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 - 3 pm
200 Powell Street
Contact Ashley at

Boston (MA)
Skechers Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 - 3 pm
417 Washington Street, Downtown Crossing
Contact Christine at

Albuquerque (NM)
Hosted by Greyhound Companions of New Mexico!
Skechers Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Corner of San Mateo and Cutler Street
Contact Eric at

Novi (MI)
Hosted by Michigan REGAP
Skechers Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 - 2 pm
Twelve Oaks Mall, lower level near Nordstrums
27500 Novi Road
Contact Theresa at

Estero (FL)
Skechers Outlet Store, Sunday, Jan. 29, 3 - 6 pm
10801 Corkscrew Raod, #404
Contact Heather at
Salt Lake City (UT)
Skechers Factory Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 12 - 3 pm
675 East 2100 South
Contact Eric at

Loveland (CO)
Hosted by Colorado Animal Rights Enthusiasts
Skechers Outlet Store, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 - 3 pm
5661 McWhinney Boulevard, #C040
Contact Danielle at

Los Angeles (CA)
Hosted by Homestretch Greyhound Rescue and Adoption
Skechers Store, Jan. 28, 10 am - 12 pm
1343 Third Street Promenade
Contact Bob at

Portland (OR)
Hosted by Oregon Defenders of Greyhounds
Macy's 521 South West 5th Avenue, Main Entrance
Contact Connie at carsonlaura@earthlink.netflyer

It's easy to hold your own event! Please go to, download flyers and signs, and then rally for the TGP greyhounds at the store nearest you. You can visit the manager on your own or bring a group of people and dogs. Every voice counts!

And be sure to enter our "Boycott Skechers" photo contest by sending in a picture of your event. Winning photos will appear on our facebook page and on our website.

Finally, please remember that as you read these words hundreds and hundreds of gentle greyhounds are suffering at Tucson Greyhound Park. Shut up in their dark, lonely cages, they will never know how many people love them and are working to rescue them now.

Please be a voice for the greyhounds on Saturday, and every day, until dog racing ends nationwide.

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA
Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA

P.S.  Please be sure to join the over 100,000 people who have signed our "Boycott Skechers” petition. Every signature generates e-mails to Skechers’ officials, celebrity spokesperson Marc Cuban, and the host of this year’s Super Bowl, NBC.



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