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5 more days and 5 more ways to Boycott Skechers
Dear Friends,

For weeks, greyhound advocates have been politely asking the shoe company Skechers to remove footage shot at Tucson Greyhound Park from its Super Bowl promotion. At first, the company said any racing scenes used were intended to be humorous. The latest spin is that the ad, which features a French bull dog named Mr. Quiggly outrunning greyhounds, is meant to show the power of the underdog.

Of course, the real underdogs are the long-suffering greyhounds who have lived and died for years while racing at TGP. Despite receiving nearly 120,000 online signatures from concerned animal lovers nationwide, and even after a nationwide day of rallies, Skechers corporate still refuses to stop glamorizng the cruelty of dog racing.

A very special appeal has now been sent to Mr. Quiggly. A rescued greyhound named "Hope," who raced at TGP, has told him all about her life at this notorious facility, including her days of confinement, the diseased food she was fed, and the steroids with which she was injected. Click here to read her letter.


Here's what we can all do now:

  1. If you have a dog, greyhound or otherwise, please write a letter to Mr. Quiggly. Send your dog's message in care of CEO Michael Greenburg at

  2. Join us for a second weekend of rallies for the greyhounds. Keep checking at to find an event near you or host one of your own using flyers and posters available on this page.

  3. If you have not done so already, sign our petition and forward it to everyone you know. Your signature will generate e-mails to Skechers officials, celebrity spokesperson Mark Cuban and to Super Bowl host NBC.

  4. shoes Now go the extra mile and send your Skechers shoes back to company headquarters: Skechers USA, 228 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Natalie Larkin of Michigan and Kelli Chickos of Florida already did!

  5. Finally, adopt a greyhound or donate to a local greyhound rescue. That's right, turn Skechers' mistake into your reason to save a dog's life. See our adoption referral page today.
Last Saturday's rallies generated TV, radio and print stories all across the country, publicizing the plight of the greyhound nationwide. A bright light has been shed on the cruelty of Tucson Greyhound Park in particular. This scrutiny has united animal lovers across the country and the movement against dog racing is now stronger than ever.
Check out the winners of our "Boycott Skechers" photo contest. Each entry has a special message that we invite you to share!

Even if Skechers does go forward with its ad as originally filmed, a new day has now come for advocates to join together and help the greyhounds. Please work with GREY2K USA as we promote and pass legislation to close down this country's 22 remaining dog tracks. 2012 bills are now filed and the greyhounds will need your voices and your support in the weeks and months ahead.

Please keep fighting for me and my fellow hounds, and thanks for rallying to our defense.

Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA


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