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Greyhound Protection Update - April 29, 2008


Order Flowers for Mom and Help Greyhounds!


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11 and you can benefit our campaign to end dog racing by ordering flowers for Mom through our on-line charity mall, or by buying a greyhound necklace or pin directly from GREY2K USA.

  • Our beautiful greyhound charms are 100% sterling silver and dangle on 18" sparkling Venetian chains.

  • Marcasite pins are perfect for fancy evening engagements or for everyday fun! Size: 2 x 1/2.

You can also order your Mother’s Day gifts from the IGive-GREY2K USA Charity Mall.  Companies like FTD, ProFlowers and Godiva are among the nearly 700 retail companies to choose from.  GREY2K USA will receive an automatic donation with every purchase made, and for a limited time, new customers generate an extra $5 bonus for the greyhounds.  Please

sign up and shop the GREY2K USA Charity Mall today.

Please act now.  Mother’s Day is coming!



For the greyhounds,








Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak
PO Box 442117

Somerville, MA 02144
(866) 247-3925




Greyhounds Need Homes Nationwide

Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have sprung up across the country to find homes for the many beautiful dogs discarded by the racing industry.


GREY2K USA is working hard to end dog racing through the political process, but we are also helping dogs currently caught in the racing system.  In addition to making grants to rescue groups all across the country, we also offer a nationwide adoption referral service.


You, too, can join this effort.  Please adopt or foster a needy greyhound near you.  Go to our

adoption resource guide for state-specific listings today.  A new greyhound friend is just a click away!




Know someone who cares about greyhounds as much as you do and wants to make a difference? Please forward this update to them. You can also encourage friends to join our e-mail list by sending their e-mail address to

Thank you for your continuing commitment to protect greyhounds.


GREY2K USA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing. For more information, or to make an immediate financial contribution to our efforts, go to

GREY2K USA is a national, non-profit 501(c)4 organization. Personal and corporate contributions are acceptable, and there are no limits on how much one individual can contribute.  Because GREY2K USA actively lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible.