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Greyhound Protection Update - May 16, 2008


Victories for New Hampshire Greyhounds!


Great news!  New Hampshire greyhounds won two significant victories last night in the State Senate, during one of the longest days of the legislative session.

In the early evening, racetrack owners tried to pass an amendment that would have propped up the cruelty of dog racing with slot machine profits.  Thankfully, this harmful proposal was defeated!

Hours later, as midnight approached the greyhounds won another major victory when the Senate voted to pass

House Bill 1430, and eliminate a law that prevents racing greyhounds and horses from protection under the state's anti-cruelty law.  This vote was extremely close, and the greyhounds won by just two votes.

This victory was particularly dramatic because it appeared only hours earlier that this humane bill

might not have the support to pass and would be defeated.  It was resurrected in large part because of the many calls Senators received from people across the state who care about greyhounds.  Thanks to everyone who helped with this important effort!

Our work, however, is not complete.  Because the House and Senate have passed different versions of the bill, we may need your help again before HB 1430 reaches Governor John Lynch's desk.  Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

But today we celebrate these important victories.  In particular, thanks are due to Senator Harold Janeway for his courage in fighting for the greyhounds.  Even though Senator Janeway initially voted against the dogs, he changed his position and later led the fight on their behalf.

Please e-mail Senator Janeway today at and give him your thanks.  And stay tuned as our fight for greyhounds continues.

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