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Greyhound Protection Update - July 18, 2007


New Ways to Help Greyhounds!


Did you know that greyhound are raced on the coldest days of winter and the hottest days of summer?

Unfortunately, greyhounds don't get a vacation -- and as we prepare to launch a new ballot question to close two dog tracks, your help is needed now more than ever.

Please make a direct donation today to support

our ongoing efforts, or consider one of the great ways described below to help greyhounds.

Make a Donation Today to Help End the Cruelty of Dog Racing



For the dogs,








Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak
PO Box 442117

Somerville, MA 02144
(866) 247-3925



Donate Your Car and Help Greyhounds

You can now donate your car or other motor vehicle to help greyhounds.  What’s more, you will receive a tax deduction from the GREY2K USA Education Fund in return!

All donations will support continuing research and educational efforts, including our “Greyhounds in the Classroom” program. For more information on the GREY2K USA Education Fund, contact


Help Greyhounds by Subscribing to a 'Grey-t' Magazine!

Animal Wellness Magazine is generously offering GREY2K USA members a FREE issue of the nation’s only natural health and nutrition magazine for companion animals!  Additionally, for all new subscriptions, AW publishers will donate $10 to our efforts to end dog racing.

You will love the leading edge content this magazine offers on topics such as natural diets and nutrition, alternative health treatments, gentle training techniques, and more!

Subscribe Today to Animal Wellness Magazine


Use GoodSearch to Help Greyhounds

What if greyhounds received a donation every time to searched the internet?  Well, now they can! is a special internet search engine that donates half it's revenue, about a penny per search, to designated non-profit organizations.  GREY2K USA is one of the GoodSearch registered charities!

Just go to and be sure to type in GREY2K USA as the charity you would like to support.  You can even choose to create an easy-to-use icon so that future searches are just a click away.

Several hundred GREY2K USA supporters searching the Internet will raise about $10,000 in one year -- without anyone spending a dime!

Please share this offer with everyone you know, so that GREY2K USA can receive as much support as possible.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Help Greyhounds Every Time You Search the Internet!



Know someone who cares about greyhounds as much as you do and wants to make a difference? Please forward this update to them. You can also encourage friends to join our e-mail list by sending their e-mail address to

Thank you for your continuing commitment to protect greyhounds.


GREY2K USA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing. For more information, or to make an immediate financial contribution to our efforts, go to

GREY2K USA is a national, non-profit 501(c)4 organization. Personal and corporate contributions are acceptable, and there are no limits on how much one individual can contribute.  Because GREY2K USA actively lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible.