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Greyhound Protection Update - July 27, 2007


Greyhounds Win Victories in New Hampshire!


We write today to report several wonderful advances in our campaign to end dog racing in New Hampshire!

The biggest news came last week, whenHinsdale Greyhound Park announced it is ending year-round racing.  This means that as of Labor Day, all dog tracks in the state will race only seasonally, for just a few weeks each year.  There will no more winter racing in New Hampshire!

Additionally, in June, lawmakers voted to end a taxpayer subsidy the tracks had been receiving for drug testing.  Had it not been repealed, this ridiculous corporate welfare plan would have amounted to a $2 million subsidy for the tracks over the next four years.  Earlier this year a broad coalition, including GREY2K USA and lawmakers from both parties,

filed legislation to end this wasteful program.

This is the second time in two years that GREY2K USA has helped end a taxpayer subsidy to New Hampshire dog tracks.  In 2006, we worked with lawmakers to

eliminate an $325,000 annual subsidy the racetracks were receiving from the state’s Educational Trust Fund.

The tide is truly turning for greyhounds in the Granite State.  Our promise to you is that we will keep working until Seabrook Greyhound Park, Hinsdale Greyhound Park and The Lodge at Belmont shut down for good.

Your support is needed now more than ever so as we plan the next step in this vital campaign.  Please make the most generous donation you can today to ensure that this vital work for the dogs continues.

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