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URGENT ACTION ALERT - September 24, 2008


Don’t Let Dog Track Owners Get Away With This



With forty days left until Election Day, Massachusetts greyhounds are in the fight of their lives.

Across the state, thousands of volunteers are hard at work asking their neighbors to vote Yes on Question 3, a ballot question to close two cruel dog tracks. And if the election were held today, the greyhounds would win.

Unfortunately, wealthy racetrack owners also know their inhumane businesses are in jeopardy. That is why they recently launched a campaign based on

misinformation and confusion. First, they named themselves the “Committee to Protect Dogs and Jobs,” in an obvious attempt to mimic the Yes on 3 campaign. When we alerted authorities to this subterfuge, they renamed themselves the “Massachusetts Animal Coalition.” However, a non-profit animal protection organization by that name already exists—and has always supported our work.

This is not the only recent example of dog track deception. Even though their campaign is only hours old, they have already made multiple false statements. For example, in a newspaper ad yesterday the tracks claimed to have a 100% greyhound adoption rate. But state records prove that the actual adoption rate is only 14%.

Please don’t let wealthy dog track owners get away with this. We have the truth, but the greyhounds will not win without the financial resources to bring our message of compassion to all voters.

If you haven’t already done so, watch our Yes on 3 video and then forward it to all your friends! Then make an immediate contribution right away, and send a message to these dog tracks that we will no longer tolerate their denial and deception.

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