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URGENT ACTION ALERT - October 24, 2008


Help Make 2008 the Year of the Greyhound


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With your help, 2008 can be the Year of the Greyhound. Massachusetts is poised to become the next state to end dog racing when citizens approve the Greyhound Protection Act on Election Day!

In just twelve days, we will save thousands of dogs by forcing the closure of Raynham and Wonderland Greyhound Parks in Massachusetts. Earlier this year, the two remaining tracks in Colorado and Kansas both shut down. In fact, there are now only eleven states in which dog racing remains legal and operational.

We need your support to take Massachusetts off the racing map!

At local racetracks, these gentle dogs are confined in small, stacked cages inside warehouse-style kennels for twenty hours a day. Shredded paper is their only bedding. The image below is a promotional photo from Wonderland. Would you treat your dog this way?

Photograph taken by Wonderland Greyhound Park, 2006

According to state records, a greyhound is seriously injured every three to four days in Massachusetts. Broken legs are eighty percent of reported injuries. Other injuries include paralysis, seizure, head trauma and death by cardiac arrest.

There is good news! Two recent polls place the Greyhound Protection Act ahead 50-37. But to win we must deliver our humane message as widely as possible—on television screens statewide—now through Election Day.

It’s now or never for Massachusetts greyhounds. Please make an immediate donation to ensure victory and play your part in the nationwide trend to end this cruelty.

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For the greyhounds,

Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak

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Thank you for your continuing commitment to protect greyhounds.


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