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Greyhound Protection Update - December 1, 2006


Victory for the Greyhounds!  Dog Track Closes in Colorado


The cruelty of dog racing is one step closer to ending this morning, after Cloverleaf Greyhound Park in Loveland, Colorado announced that it is permanently closing.

Cloverleaf, which had been in operation for more than fifty years, is the fifth dog track to close in less than two years.

GREY2K USA executive director Carey Theil hailed the news as a victory for dog lovers, telling the Associated Press that commercial dog racing is cruel and inhumane. 

"Every year, thousands of dogs are seriously injured while competing in the pari-mutuel racing industry," he told the AP.  "They live lives on intense confinement while they're at the racetrack."

With your help, this humane trend can continue!  Rest assured that we will continue working until this animal cruelty ends everywhere.



For the greyhounds,








Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak
PO Box 442117

Somerville, MA 02144
(866) 247-3925

Another Victory for the Greyhounds!

Pepsi Stops Promoting Dog Racing, Letters Needed

Great News!  Pepsi has announced that it will no longer promote the cruelty of dog racing.

Two months ago, we alerted GREY2K USA supporters to a promotion of dog racing by Pepsi Max in Australia. (Pepsi Promotes Dog Racing Down Under, September 12) Pepsi’s contest encouraged customers to “reap the rewards” of greyhound racing by entering a contest to own a racing dog and win prizes ranging up to $100,000.

In a letter to the Humane Society International, Director Mark Smith expressed support for greyhound adoption and confirmed that, “There are no plans for Pepsi to conduct any future marketing activity surrounding greyhounds.  Both Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes do not condone cruelty to animals.”

Please send a letter to Cadbury Schweppes, Pepsi's parent company, and applaud this humane decision.  You can either

e-mail them with your thoughts or send a letter to:

Cadbury Schweppes House

636 St. Kilda Road

Melbourne 3004

Victoria Australia

+61(3) 9520 7444 (telephone)

+61(3) 9520 7400 (fax)

Hooray for the dogs!

Wisconsin Dog Trainer Loses License After a Dog Dies Due to Heat Related Illness

After receiving a tip from GREY2K USA, the Wisconsin State Journal reported last week that a greyhound trainer lost his license after a dog died due to heat related illness in August.

Kambrie Rose, a two year old greyhound, was being transported to an adoption group in West Virginia with six other dogs when she died.

After the group refused to take the dogs, the trainer attempted to find other homes but was delayed, he told the State Journal, because he insisted on placing the dogs with an industry friendly agency, "not with an anti-racing group."

Dangerous transport conditions are another sad reality of dog racing.


Office Volunteers Needed in Massachusetts

Do you have a few hours each week or each month to give to the greyhounds?  GREY2K USA needs several dedicated volunteers to help in our Massachusetts headquarters.

Assistance is needed with general office tasks like typing, answering phones, and data entry.  We also need regular volunteers to perform public information requests and do online research.  We will train the right person, so please inquire!

Our campaign to protect greyhounds - and end dog racing - needs everyone's help to succeed.  If you are able to volunteer in our office, please e-mail Christine at for complete information.

Volunteers are needed immediately.


A Great Way to Help the Greyhounds

What if greyhounds received a donation every time you searched the Internet?  Well now they can!

GoodSearch is a new search engine that donates half its revenue to designated non-profit organizations, including GREY2K USA!

Just go to and type in GREY2K USA as your chosen charity.  You can even create a special link to GoodSearch on your desktop or in your web browser.

A few hundred GREY2K USA supporters searching the Internet every day could raise thousands of dollars per year, without anyone spending a dime!

Please join

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Know someone who cares about greyhounds as much as you do and wants to make a difference? Please forward this update to them. You can also encourage friends to join our e-mail list by sending their e-mail address to

Thank you for your continuing commitment to protect greyhounds.


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