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Representative Vallaincourt

All the New Hampshire dog tracks are closed and greyhound racing is illegal in the state.

At one time there were three greyhound tracks in the Granite State: Seabrook Greyhound Park, the Lodge at Belmont and Hinsdale Greyhound Park.1 In 2008, the Hinsdale track declared bankruptcy and turned its gambling license over to the state.2 By the following year, both the Lodge at Belmont and Seabrook Greyhound Park had ceased live racing after a state budget bill went into effect allowing them to stop racing but continue offering simulcast wagering.3

HB 630 a bill to outlaw dog racing, was introduced by Representative Steve Vaillancourt to outlaw live racing in 2009. On July 8, 2010, Governor John Lynch signed the New Hampshire Greyhound Protection Act into law.4


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