Greyhound racing in the the Netherlands is organized and regulated by the Commission for Greyhound Racing. There are currently twelve greyhound racing associations throughout the country.1 The racing season runs from March to November. In 2012 a total of 51 racing matches were held.2 Like several of the other European countries with non-commercial racing, various sighthound breeds participate but all races are segregated by breed. The greyhounds are not housed at the track, but instead are brought to the sites by their owners to race.

Greyhound races are also conducted at the Oaklane track in Geldrop; however the races are actually organized and run by the Belgium Greyhound Racing Federation.3

The Commission for Greyhound Racing has a set of detailed racing regulations that include licensing requirements, anti-doping policies and stipulations for racing under poor weather conditions.4 The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (International Kennel Federation) race regulations are also applicable for any FCI championship races held in the country.5

There are 23 greyhound breeding kennels in the Netherlands listed on, an online database maintained by dog racing gamblers.6 Additionally, at least some of the greyhounds racing in the Netherlands are from other countries, including Hungary and Ireland.7

There is no wagering on greyhound races in the Netherlands.

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